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egh128 05-31-2002 04:34 AM

Progeny Debian
Just wondering if anyone has used or uses this distrobution. If so, what do you think of it?

dorward 05-31-2002 06:40 AM

Its now defunct, they recomend upgrading to Debian Woody.

Thymox 06-05-2002 07:33 AM

Used it for a while. It made a nice stab at being a newbie-friendly debian distro. Shame it is no longer actively updated, but if you're using it, you should have no problems converting over to 'normal' debian...woody and the like.

egh128 06-05-2002 08:42 AM


no Slack @ the mo :(
Why is that?


Thymox 06-05-2002 11:28 AM

Had a slight catastrophe...due to Mandys mishandling of my partition table (i.e. hda10 was, at one point, the first partition on the disk, and hda3 was the last...just a generally bad part-table), my computer started to forget that the last 30Gb of my 40Gb disk existed, so I low level formatted and started again. I am sorry to admit that I am really only a pretend Slacker...I am a devout Mandy user that had slack purely to play with...I'm in the middle of my Uni finals, so I haven't got the time. I will probably now wait until Slack 8.1 is firmly out (rather than rc1 status) and go head-long into it... until then, who knows? June 14th I shall have finished, and then I can set to work with some of my little getting this nice ol' 386sx25 working all hunky dory with Slack - it's gonna be a good summer, but unfortunately I will probably not be around here too much. :(

wartstew 06-10-2002 11:29 AM

It is now a defunct distro. The makers of it stated that most all of its features have been incorporated into Debian Woody anyway.

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