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elrond25 10-17-2000 08:11 PM

Problems starting up 6.1
I had to shutdown my system. Now when I reboot it hands either when initializing the system logger, or initializing sendmail.

I've managed to get it up and running one, after about an hour of work and I can't do anything before the system crashsed.

I can't find my rescue disk either

Any idea comment or suggestion?
How do I get my stuff out of the system?
Can I use the CD to repair the system?
If I have to reinstall the system, will all the additional stuff that I've installed be lost?

:mad:thanks and sorry if this is not the right post

jeremy 10-17-2000 08:19 PM

Have you tried booting into single user mode? You can do this by typing "linux single" at the LILO prompt. If that does not work you can download a boot disk from

elrond25 10-17-2000 08:27 PM

Specific system
I'm running Redhat 6.1, not slackware.

Thought I had said that in my posting.

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jeremy 10-17-2000 08:41 PM

You did say that you were running Red Hat, but in this case it doesn't matter. That boot disk will work fine. In fact the last time I used a Red Hat disk that was labeled "boot disk" it wasn't even a boot disk, it was an install disk ;)

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