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daiver 05-04-2006 01:21 PM

Please recommend me a distribution [requirements]
I'm really having trouble getting my Intel 2200B/G wifi running stable, even though I'm not encrypting data. I get constant disconnections all the time and it's quite a hassle to connect to.

I would like to hear distro recommendations that are KNOWN to work with the following:

Intel 2200B/G wireless (preferably with some sort of encryption)
ATI Mobile x600 (fglrx)

and preferrably have these:
Package manager (Synaptic, Adept, etc.)
CD/DVD burning support

Can anyone please help me find the correct distro for this?


nadroj 05-04-2006 01:55 PM

check out the list at select a distribution from the menu on the right. it will bring you to the page with the detailed information regarding the selected distro, such as what desktop environment it uses, and what package management system it uses. it will also give a list of what version of certain, more popular, software it includes.

any distro can have support for cd/dvd burning, your video card, and your wireless NIC... all that is needed is drivers. the ati site will have the driver you need for that card, and most likely the distro will include the support for your cd/dvd writer.

is this the NIC your talking about?

daiver 05-04-2006 07:19 PM

Yep. Thanks for those drivers. Apparently they only work in the lomem kernel of the distro I use, but not in the himem. I'm running 2GB of RAM and can only use 1GB with the lomem kernel if I want to use WEP. :(

halo14 05-05-2006 09:50 AM

i have no experience with that chipset.. but perhaps you should try changing the channel that your wifi runs on.. also, specifying the exact essid of the network should do better at stayng connected.

I find channel 6 to usually be the best. to specify the essid, just "iwconfig <wlan0 or whatever> essid <your_essid>" then dhcpcd or dhclient, whichever you use.

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