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richgagnon 07-01-2004 02:06 PM

Pclinuxos install
Someone suggested I try pclinuxos and I downloaded and burned a cd. The install in my Linux box went ok but it did not recognize my usb 1.1 32 meg ThumbDrive, digital camera media reader or firewire external 80gb hd. I will stick with Lindows 4.0 as it is the only os that does recognize those devices as soon as I plug them in. There are a couple of issues with with Lindows but I can work around that easier than any other os so far. I am only a user of a Linux os. I am not a Linux user.
It has been very difficult to find a os that does recognizes my external devices like _ _ se does. The propaganda I read about some linux os does not measure up to what I have experienced so far. Hopefully that will change in the future.


equinox 07-02-2004 08:51 AM


equinox 07-02-2004 12:33 PM

i'd like to add that if u're really angry at linux and or the distro why not compile ur own kernel and patch it for ur hardware?

u cannot blame linux or be mad, i've seen windows xp crash may times because of hardware issues, memory dumps and blue screens. when i was 13 how our windows 95 p1 always used blue screen on us.

just a thought :)

e1000 07-03-2004 12:56 AM

first off, you cant insult windows because of windows 95, that'd be like saying linux sucks because the Linux kernel version 2.0 has bad hardware support.

And he said he's just a 'user of a linux based OS' which is exactly what we should encourage, I doubt that he has the ability to recompile his kernel, but I also doubt that he needs to.

PcLinuxOS is still early in development, you profile says you use mandy10, but you said you use Lindows. Have you tried mandy, why dont you use it; 10 is suposed to be "kick a*s" (and its a hell of alot cheeper).

Your USB drives are probably recognized, just not auto-mounted; try opening a console and typing
"mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/*your*mount*point*"
when your done exploring the drive, type
"umount /dev/sda1"
(make sure your root for both commands)

if that mounts your USB drives, then its not a kernel problem, its a problem with automount.

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