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FredGSanford 01-20-2013 06:16 AM

Orage Tooltip
Orage Time and Calendar are showing information in another language and I would like it to be shown in English. How do I go about changing it to English?

When I put the mouse on Orage clock, it show this:

Sabti 20 Qunxa Garablu 2013/03

Is it showing the Day Date, Year & Month?

I would like for it to show

Day, Month Date & Year.
Sun January 20, 2013

I'm running Salix OS 14 with Xfce4.


kaz2100 01-20-2013 06:52 AM


Have you checked your locale, LANG or something related?

FredGSanford 01-20-2013 09:53 AM

I do have en, I assume it is for Enlish, but not en_US. I do see en_UK or en_AU:


# ls -l /usr/share/locale/en
total 12
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 qun 19 11:11 LC_MESSAGES/
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5830 cig 27 2011 man
Seems like something is still missing.

kaz2100 01-21-2013 12:20 AM


What happens if you issue "locale" command?

Also, is locale package installed? (?!??)

FredGSanford 01-21-2013 11:40 AM

As the saying goes, KISS. I finally thought of going into System Language settings from the Menu. It was set on the very first choice, which looks like an African language. I was able to choose English for US.

I'm so used to doing things by CLI that I don't think about the GUI tools much.

Locale was showing everything but the US locale for some reason.

Thanks to all.

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