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Moosey 07-22-2004 08:53 AM

Optical USB Mouse does not move on SuSe Linux 9.0 Server
Hi! For starters, I am a complete Linux n00b. Ive almost hardly used it, except for a few play arounds, but I am able to follow commands, and how to execute them in Linux.

I just recently dual booted Suse 9.0 Server Edition and Windows XP. The dual boot works fine, I am currently using Windows to access these forums.

Here is my problem: My mouse will not move after the desktop has loaded. It is a Microsoft (seems ironic, getting a ms product working with linux!) usb optical mouse with 2 side buttons as well as the normal ones. It worked fine through the installation procedure and also after the first boot (I had it plugged into the PS/2 mouse port using a usb > ps/2 converter) and when the new hardware window popped up, I stupidly decided to set it as a USB Mouse, thinking to myself that I would plug it into one of my usb ports after wards. After applying that setting, the mouse stopped moving (it was moving before) so I hit ctrl - shift - F2, followed by ctrl - alt - delete to reboot the system.

my mouse is now plugged into a usb port and the keyboard into a ps/2 port. The system hangs on starting hot-plugging services

So, I kill it and try it this time with the mouse in the ps/2 port. It boots and loads successfully but the mouse is frozen again.

Oops! :newbie:

Now, how do I: either get my mouse working on usb, or set linux to use my mouse on ps/2?

Any help HUGELY appreciated!!

Thanks, I hope I have made myself clear, I unfortunately find myself to write lots of rubbish sometimes so if you need any clarification, please feel free to ask!

Thank you, once again,

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