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damipereira 02-16-2010 12:51 AM

Opensuse 11.2 lxde or PclinuxOs 2009.4 lxde

I was looking for a Linux distribution for 2 machines:
- An old desktop with 900Mhz duron 368Mb ram and sys integrated graphics
- And a notebook with celeron 1.8Ghz 512Mb ram intel graphics

The use of these machines is pretty simple and as there is low ram on both I tought of going for lxde, since it's light and simple. But I can't decide which distro I should use.
It needs this:
- Good support for actual notebook hardware (second pc)
- Low maintenance : These pcs are not mine, they are some friend's pcs I was asked to put linux on. So I don't want to go troubleshooting after every update
- Stable(for same reason as above)
- Fast (I guess any distro with lxde will suffice my definition of fast here)

I can't decide between OpenSuse and PclinuxOS.(any other good distro which fulfills above statements?)
I've used OpenSuse before and it is certanly a trouble-free, low maintenance distro which also has good notebook support and rather recent kernel. But I tested it with kde and I don't know how polished lxde is in there.

PclinuxOS seems even more stable and is well integrated with lxde (I'm on the live cd right know and it's great!) I've read that it has well tested small updates, which sounds like no problems in near future even if I leave that pc with them for a long long time. But I'm not really used to this distro so I don't know whick problems it may have.

I can't decide so if you know anything about these distro, please help.
PD: Sorry if my english is bad.

ronlau9 02-16-2010 02:51 AM

If you wish to use lxde my suggestion will be go for Pclinux.
Pclinux is really a easy Os to use and a stable OS.
Updating and installing programs in PClinux is quiet easy to

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