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Linux_420 12-05-2011 01:06 AM

Open ELEC VS GeexBox 2.0
I have been trying to set up a good HTPC & install clients around the house. I am interested in two distros. One is Open Embeded Linux Entertainment Center and the other is GeexBox 2.0. Both OpenELEC & GeexBox 2.0 use XBMC (Xbox Media Center) as their media players. OpenELEC has several builds specific to various hardware setups whereas GeexBox 2.0 has all of the drivers on one live disk, yet it has a smaller footprint. I noticed a couple of things were missing in the GeexBox 2.0 version (which were not needed when XBMC is the only thing installed) and the overall look was not as fine tuned.. I think it was the fonts. Modules should not be that hard to add to either distro and both will have to be custom configured if you want to use things like a Wii Remote or Wiimote or whatever they are called. OpenELEC is in it's early stages of development whereas GeexBox has been around for years, yet just now switched to XBMC as their media player with version 2.0. I haven't tried anything but the live version of GeexBox. I have had trouble installing OpenELEC on certain setups. Either way it is XBMC. If anyone has any experience with either distro or XBMC please post your thoughts.


EDIT: Also wondering about XBMC Live which I haven't even booted up yet.. anyone out there used it? It seems that the most obvious options tend to be my last picks for whatever reason. No need to reinvent the wheel ...

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