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mebrelith 03-21-2005 11:47 PM

On KDE-centric distros and 686 distros, what you think?
Hi folks. In my on goin search for the perfect distro Ive decided to take a look at KDE centric distros and maybe look into 686 distros as well.
This post is here so you can give me your input on these things.

Whats your favorite KDE centric distro? Why? What makes you love it? What gives headaches?

Whats your favorite 686 distro? Why? What makes you love it? What gives headaches?

All replies shall be deeply appreciated.

Robert G. Hays 03-22-2005 01:09 PM

I'm kinda down on SuSE now, but not *quite* writing it off.
Mandrake I *like*.
Can't comment on others, since too limited experience, just to be fair.

Since your sig claims 'noob', I think you should *probably* stay away from Debian, Slackwware, & Gentoo, and maybe FCx also, since from what I've seen/heard, they do expect a little more knowledge.
Unless knowledge is what you're into Linux to get!, in which case (me!) I've decided to try Gentoo, but if so, read lots of online at before proceeding.

My two-cents worth, too small to need taxed added.


cs-cam 03-23-2005 02:36 AM

KDE-centric distrobutions: Mandrake [urpmi], SuSE [yast], Yoper [apt-get]
i686-centric distrobutions: Archlinux [pacman].There's more but it's the best ;)

Skyline 03-23-2005 05:28 AM

And in the spirit of "optimization" etc, if you're looking for a "lean", "un-bloated" KDE on an i686 distro like Arch Linux, you don't have to install the "whole" of KDE - just start with the kdebase package - for example:

# pacman -Sy kdebase

You will then have, a nice i686 Arch, with a lean, "light" KDE - and if you do decide to give Arch a try, go for the FTP install and only install the base packages to start with - that way, you start off with a lean, tidy setup which can be added to with ease.

And for a no-fuss KDE-oriented distro, another option is to give Kubuntu a try.

halo14 03-23-2005 01:09 PM

ArchLinux is a blazingly fast i686 distro...not KDE-centric so much because you get your choice of what DE you want to always.. so I don't understand that part.. I do use KDE on arch.. 3.4 actually and it's very fast...

here's my most recent screenshot.. nothing too fancy.. just installed the Umicons from


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