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J4FF4 11-15-2004 03:29 AM

newbies linux??
wich Distribution of linux is best for beginners?? and is there a guide how to install that Distribution??

salparadise 11-15-2004 03:42 AM

There isn't really any version of Linux that is "much easier" than the others.
Mandrake has a very nice installer, arguably the friendliest of all. RedHat, Fedora and Suse all go with the same type of GUI installers.
Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian et al have text based installers. Reasonably easy IF you know what you're doing.

Mandrake, Suse, Fedora and so on tend to set most things up during the install process whereas some of the others install a base system and leave it up to you as to what tweaks you want.

Mandrake got me started and saw me through the first 18 months or so most admirably. A very good place to start. And easily found for free on various Linux magazine covers at the moment.

Google for Linux Installation HowTo's if you get stuck.

ror 11-15-2004 04:36 AM

how much experience with computers in general do you have?

and more importantly, how confident are you?

Anything from mandrake past debian through to slackware can be appropriate for beginners, just depends how much you want to get your hands dirty.

All should have readmes and install guides, but it's a good idea if possible to find the #<distro> channel on freenode, since if you get stuck they should be helpful.

cs-cam 11-15-2004 08:34 PM

Mandrake is incredibly simple to get setup, I'd suggest using that first as it's the easiest linux in my opinion. There are other distros that come with wine and try to look like WinXP which are for Windows users to transition but then that's not really using linux, more Windows.

thug_poet22 11-19-2004 12:09 AM

Mandrake is very easy to install, Fedora is as well, and i never tried Suse. Im with Mandrake right now 10.0. i will probably get 10.1 when its free to download, i really would like to invest money in a distro, but i dont know it well enough to really feel like im hear to stay. But if i can get Mandrake to do almost everything that my windows 2000 does then i would really get rid of windows.

g-string 3 11-19-2004 07:18 AM

Damnsmalllinux is very cool. (

- Its based on debian
- its very small
- it runs well on ibm133, 48mb...
- good tools (editor: scite; nice filemanager: emelfm / mc (similar to norton commander; xmms (music-player ...)
- live-cd OR hd-install
- an introduction screen which helps configuring and doing a hd-install. ( when you do a mistake you will be able toi repair it with the live-cd)
- The live-cd can be run in different modes (many options (safe, fb base ...)
- great forum support! thanks to mikshaw, ke4nt1 and all the other guys ;-)

it has limitations but I like it!
as a newbie I tried it and installed it as a office workstation (writing, printing, images). When I visit him, music has to be added to the previous list.

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