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therion12 01-12-2002 08:53 PM

New Slim Distro's available!
I just went back to LinuxISO and saw that they have some cool new distro's available. Once of them is IcePack, it is a very slim distro around 300 megs, comes with WindowMaker and has USER FRIENDLY configuration tools. The website is: Another one that is supposed to be "windows" like is called Libranet, also from

I am trying out all of these distros and see which one is best. I'll be sure to write up some review for you guys so you don't have to waste your time and cd's.

therion12 01-12-2002 10:56 PM

Ok, i tried LibraNet linux (based off of Debian potatoe) and installation was a breeze. Sadly hardware was still unsupported (typical debian). So i am deleting it. Not to mention it messed up my MBR.

Gotta love Windows recovery console, you can restore you Master Boot Record with the simple "yes" . :-)

therion12 01-13-2002 08:36 AM

Anyone give icepack a try?

SlCKB0Y 01-14-2002 07:32 PM

You dont seem to sound like you understand the concept involved here. Libranet has support for every piece of hardware that mandrake has, it just doesnt configure it all on installl like mandrake does.

If you sit there for a few days and tweak the system yourself until all your major hardware works, you will learn a heck of a lot and is well worth the effort. thats why IMHO slackware and debian are the best two distros to learn on.

Now that i have a pretty good knowledge of linux after using it solidly for a couple of years (with no dual boot) im confident enough that i can install and configure pretty much any distro with ease. this is due to the knowledge from slack and deb that can be generalised over to other less generic distros. My distro of choice now is Suse7.3. i figure i can drive manual cars now (slack), but now all i want to do is drive around the city, so i dont need the hassle. i got an auto.

Suse is so good because it is very easy to configure, has hardware detection which i think is the best around by far, and its feels a lot more solid and stable that either redhat or mandrake. it just feels professional, not hacked together like drake seems to.

For a new idea distro try Connectiva, it can be freely downloaded and it the only rpm distro i know of which uses debian famous apt-get package installer. im hoping it will be like debian but with gui tools and up-to-date packs *rubs hands with glee*

therion12 01-14-2002 07:53 PM

I'm gonna get SuSE 7.3 for sure then.

NSKL 01-15-2002 09:42 AM

I started out with SuSE. It is great, but i only realized it after using Slack for 1+ year...

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