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mefavretto 06-04-2005 07:12 AM

Mandriva Installation
I'm tryng to install mandriva LE2005.The Boot operation goes well,I press enter to let the installation begin,but after a while the screen becomes black and the PC freezes.
So I try to launch the installation process using text mode in order to see what the hell will happen.PC freezes again,but now i know that the problem regards "Initializing cryptographic API".
So,what options should I pass to the kernel to allow the installation process to start correctly?
no acpi didn't work!
Thanx for your answers.

heema 06-05-2005 06:31 AM

are the md5 of iso's correct ?

it could be that the cds are corrupted

and you didnt mention your pc specs

mefavretto 06-05-2005 09:35 AM

On ather PCs the installation process starts correctly.
What would you like to know about my PC?
No strange hardware...I didn't find any problem on installing other distros (Slackware,Gentoo,Suse,mandrake).
So what?
Thanx for suggestions,hoping for more.

kalleanka 06-05-2005 07:00 PM

I got te same problem. It frezes before "keyboard" -options. Its on a laptop but works fine on my normal computer.

kalleanka 06-05-2005 07:26 PM

Ok I installed 10.1 first and then it works. I think it didn't like fat or something.

mefavretto 06-06-2005 04:39 AM

So,if I install Mandrake (a basic installation) and then upgrade with Mandriva it should work...
Let's try.

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