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Rodcl 06-11-2002 01:22 PM

Mandrake's Cooker ISOs availble here!
yep that's me again !!
Get your hands in MandrakeLinux Cooker isos here

they are beta version but this should be enough to get a taste of the "Cooker" with KDE 3.0.1 and Gnome 2.0!!!

If you want more details you know where to go:

I am definitily having a go at this new release:D :D :D

acid_kewpie 06-11-2002 01:30 PM

so you're not keen on just finding a distro you like and actaully learning how to customize it and do cool stuff? fair enough.

sewer_monkey 06-11-2002 01:36 PM

I dunno dude... I'd rather use Slackware cooker. ;)

Rodcl 06-11-2002 01:36 PM

i got a spare machine at home where i experiment and test difernet distros and just letting all the people that certain stuff is availeble for the ones that might be insterested.

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