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Bluesuperman 01-14-2003 08:19 PM

Mandrake9.0 as NIS client to FeeBSD NIS server

We are planning on setting up many machines in the office with Mandrake9.0. We want the machines to use NIS and NSF, so all users are authenticated via our master NIS server and their home directories are also kept on their. This way their home directories are backed up on the master server.

But I can not get Mandrake9.0 to authenticate with the NIS server which is running FreeBSD 4.7. I have setup the yp.conf file with "ypserver IP of NIS server",
passwd with +:::::: added to the end,
group with +::: added to the end,

Now when the machine loads, it contracts the main server and NFS mounts the proper directories, but NIS always fails to authenticate unless if I log into the client machine locally as root, then type su - users (which does not exist on the local machine) it logs me in and I have shell accesss. But I can not login from the login prompt or from X.

Please help !!!


Bluesuperman 01-17-2003 04:39 AM

I have tested the NIS connection with ypcat passwd, it does retrieve the proper passwd file. It almost seems like it is trying to authenticate with a usid and gid of 0 but with the user name I provide.

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