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eskiled 01-22-2005 02:30 PM

LT Distro is looking for Developers
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Hey, me and some guys (a few girls too I think) are putting together a new distribution. We don't quite know what we want to do with it yet though, and aren't very organized at this stage. We're looking for help of any sort including developers, testers, ordinary people with ideas. Basically, anyone who wants and has the time to help.

It has been asked (frequently) what the aim or goal of this new distribution is. Quite Frankly, we don't know. We don't have much progress, which is why we need more people to help. There is talk of it being a distribution mostly for newbies. This is because, there arent (in all honesty) that many teens who are linux gurus, so the distro might be aimed to help new linux users migrate from windows. However this does not mean in any way, shape, or form that the distribution will be all point&click (I hope it will be NOTHING like linspire/lindows...).

Anyways, if you are interested please check us out at
Linux Teens.

Thanks for your time,

Ps. Sorry if this is regarded as spam. I searched the site looking for an IRC channel so I could ask a moderator, but I couldn't find one. Then I tried to PM a moderator, but I can't do that cuz I'm not a contributing member:( ! So, like I said, sorry if this is spam...

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