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Altix350 09-23-2006 06:59 PM

Looking for suitable distro for 3rd Year Music Informatics Degree project
Lo all, I've just joined this forum so my apologies if starting this thread is unecessary. I've had a fairly thorough browse and I don't think this particular query is replicated anywhere; so here goes...

Basically, I need to find a suitable Linux distro for my final year degree project.

The project at the moment entails the staging of four sound exhibitions which are controlled by computer.
The exhibition terminals are old boxes I reclaimed from a scrap pile at work, Intel Celeron 566Mhz, 256Mb PC100 Ram, 8-10Gb Disks.
There is also a 5th Machine acting as a server, prolly somewhere in the region of a P4 2.8GHz with 512Mb DDr.

The idea is that each exhibition terminal will be running SUPERCOLLIDER (An open source music programming language) and also a bespoke C++ program which I intend to write. The C++ program's job will be to gather data from a bank of attached sensors which monitor the movement of people within each exhibition space.
The server's job is to, at discrete time intervals, query each of the exhibition terminals and gather the sensor data from:
a) A discrete moment in time.
b) A set of values for each sensor representing values over a discrete time period.

The server is to collect this data from all four machines and consolidate it into a database which is then pushed back out to all four exhibition terminals.

The data in this database is pushed through a SUPERCOLLIDER script and output as sound at each of the ex. spaces.

Basically what I'm looking for is a distro which can handle the sound aspects of my project, i've had some experience running SUPERCOLLIDER through Ubuntu with ALSA and i've just got a fresh install of Ubuntu running on one of the celeron boxes. My obvious biggest fear is that these old boxes won't have the grunt to handle the software synthesis I'm envisioning in SUPERCOLLIDER.
I've had a little experience with Red Hat 7 i think it is and also CentOS 4.3.

Can anybody recommend a better distro than Ubuntu for this purpose? Hope someone gets this far and doesn't drop off halfway through my post!!!!!

Cheers, Altix350

pppaaarrrkkk 09-24-2006 12:26 PM

You might try AGNULA.

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