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Looking for a skinny distribution for C/C++ development
I'm looking for a Linux distribution that is suitable for C/C++ development. I know gcc is in many distributions, as is gdb, but so are applications to save family photos, and burn music videos. I just installed a Fedora distribution, and found it was running over 200 processes only a few of which were mine (like top and bash). I would rather start with a really spartan kernel, and few outside applications and yum what I need rather than try to sort out what I really have to have. Where can I find a fast, skinny distribution of Linux?


snowpine 08-11-2013 08:51 AM

Arch sounds perfect for your needs. Only installs/runs what you tell it to:

DavidMcCann 08-11-2013 12:03 PM

If you like Fedora, you don't have to have all that. The full DVD and the net-install CD enable you to do a custom installation, choosing only what you want

Also, a lot of daemons are started because someone will need them and panic if they aren't there. My configuration tool lists over 60, of which I've disabled all but 14. Similarly, I've removed half the start-up programs.

You can also do a custom install with CentOS, which is more long-lasting that Fedora.

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