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Gary King 08-17-2005 07:17 PM

Looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use Linux distro
I have a really old laptop (running Pentium Pro, with very little RAM - I think about 64 MB.) It has Win2000 on it that I used to use a long time ago for work, but I now want to reformat and run Linux on it, so I am looking for a Linux distro that will run okay on it, but also, I want the distro to be fairly straight forward and easy to use, like Ubuntu, and Knoppix. I've ran Ubuntu on it, but it is painstainkingly slow.


alpha_foobar 08-17-2005 07:47 PM

A really lightweight linux is damn small linux. this is just a live CD like knoppix. but its only a 50M iso download. You can also install it to a harddisk (it only needs 200M to install).

The downside to damn small linux is its very small and uses an old version of debian. However it is damn easy to install/run and its extremely light.

If you already have knoppix and like it, just use that. OK its heavy and probably slow on your laptop. But its not the distro itself thats heavy here, its the window manager, if you run fluxbox instead of KDE (the knoppix default) then you'll find it much more responsive. To run fluxbox, hit f2 on boot and check out the boot options, I think if you boot: knoppix wm=fluxbox

Then it will load fluxbox instead of KDE, there are other options too, you could try them all and see which wm you like most and runs nicest... i prefer fluxbox, which happens to be one of the lightest window managers, but you might be able to find a compromise between weight and ease of use.

aysiu 08-17-2005 07:52 PM

Just run Ubuntu and download the XFCE desktop. XFCE is a lightweight desktop that's much faster than Gnome.

ozar 08-17-2005 09:20 PM

ditto the damn small linux recommendation

heema 08-18-2005 02:20 AM

there is also vector linux which is based on slackware

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