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GTrax 01-21-2007 06:46 AM

Linux-Tan ..Gorgeous stuff for all of us
Q. Where can we get some lovely free Linux-related desktop images.
A. Themes and backdrops are plentiful on the net, but there is a special sort from Francesca (Juzo-Kun) from Italy.

The Linux-Tan girl, in the Japanese -chan or -tan tradition is identified by the helmet and the spear with the three flags attached representing the GRUB, LILO and GCC tools and the "gear-teeth" on the helmet alluding to KDE. There is probably more allegory, but the stuff keeps evolving. I just love the one showing LINUX-TAN in pitch battle with XP-KUN with Mac-tan and 2K-tan meekly watching.

From here, is Juzo-Kun's gallery, where you can have a whole lot of fun picking the OS-tan that corresponds to a particular distro.
I chose one of the smaller images centered instead of covering the whole screen.

For an explanation of the cute Manga-style girlie characters, scroll to near the bottom of the page at the Wiki.

So here, we can acknowledge Juzo-Kun, who is it seems a graphic artist considering using Linux in the face of, by her account, somewhat frustrating breakdowns with computing platforms. My thanks anyway Francesca. You are amazing, and I love your Linux art.

unSpawn 01-21-2007 05:08 PM

If I suddenly would feel mysteriously compelled to use bg's I'd run something with true metal-shredding beauty, from say Electric Sheep. Now *that's* gorgeous... (eyes, beholder, soforth...)

FredGSanford 02-04-2007 01:06 AM


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