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linux216 10-24-2005 01:36 PM

Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 1.0.1
Hey all,

I am trying to find the SPARC version of Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server. I have googled everything I can think of and tried every site I know of with no luck. I know it is an older distro, but I need to get a hold of a copy.

Basically I was given 2 SunFire v100 servers with Solaris 8. I don't have the time to learn Solaris, and am just more comfortable with Linux in general. I have downloaded the last RedHat SPARC distro that was released, but I have used Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 1.0.1 on an x86 box and was very happy with it for what I need it to do.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!!


reddazz 10-24-2005 01:51 PM

Did you check on the Mandriva website to see if they released that distro for sparc?

linux216 10-24-2005 02:31 PM

I found a posting on another forum that stated that they released a SPARC version and had a link to the download. Unfortunately it was a few years old and the Mandrake website has changed so much that since the post that the link no longer works. I found several other references to the SPARC version with the same link, but not much else.

linux216 10-24-2005 03:02 PM

Here is one link to one of the articles:

And is here another:

Thanks again to anyone/everyone for any help you can provide.

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