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cat-21 12-05-2004 11:46 AM

Linux Distro that plays nice with Windows Domain???
Hello all, I have a question that I figure most of you could answer so I would like to hear some opinions. I have been tinkering with SuSE for some time and I love this distro. Unfortunately it doesn't really play nice with my Windows Domain and is a pain to browse netwrok shares with as there are many samba-related errors.

Someone suggested Xandros Linux plays much nicer with my domain and is a snap to configure in comparison to SuSE. Are there any other distros that integrate even better into a Windows domain or were they right on this one. I'm looking for "ease" as my primary decision maker or breaker. As many opinions possible would be appreciated by the forum members. Thanks!!!!!!!!

jailbait 12-05-2004 03:43 PM

XavierP answered this question very well the first time that you posted it.

Steve Stites

cat-21 12-05-2004 07:03 PM

Thanks, just double checking

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