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prushik 11-05-2012 09:55 PM

Linux distribution with Bionic?
Google created the Bionic C library and released it as open source. It is used by Android. It lacks some features, but includes most things, enough to compile many normal Linux programs against it, and busybox has no trouble with it.
What I want to know is, has anybody tried to build a Linux distro with Bionic in place of glibc?
Bionic has some serious advantages over glibc, and some people like me would be very interested in a distro like that, even aside from its obvious novelty value.
Android X86 project already has full Android systems running natively on x86, which include Bionic and busybox by default. The Android NDK has cross compilers for x86, so it should be really easy to get started in either of those two places, right?
Also, C4DROID includes a native arm-gcc-bionic toolchain (as a plugin) on android systems, so a native compiler for bionic on bionic is possible.
If no distro exists, what obstacles would you imagine we would run into trying to build such a system?

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