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minty33 06-17-2013 08:37 PM

Korora dual boot/install ?
does anyoneknow how to dual boot korora. it uses a modified anaconda installer. my set-up is a 500gb win7 disk(sda) a 2tb unused disk(sdb) and another 500gb disk i want to put korora on(sdc). i have dual booted this same machine with other linux distros on this korora disk but i'm not used to anaconda. i don't really see the option to put the bootloader in mbr or elsewhere. the partitioning tool seems poor to me. i have attempted this twice. once with a regular btrfs set-up and once using all the defaults and suggested formatting(LVM). Both times the install said completed successfully but on re-boot i get a grub error saying can't locate disk followed by the uuid for the disk it is looking for. it seems anaconda asks me to pick wich disk i want as bootable but not where to put the bootloader. i don't know if where the bootloader is being put is what is causing the error but i certainly don't see the option to make sure it is going in the mbr. the reason i say this is i am speculating that my old bootloader is still in the mbr and it is still looking for the uuid from the previous linux. can anyone give me a little instruction on dual booting korora with thie above set-up. at the very least how to know the bootloader is going on the mbr for my sdc disk. fedora users may be able to help even though the korora site says the enhanced anaconda for korora it may still be close enough to fedora's anaconda installer.

RockDoctor 06-18-2013 07:02 AM

Fedora user here - all I can offer is my strategy for dealing with anaconda and grub2.

1. Boot from a live CD and do the installation, but don't reboot yet
2. Manually install the bootloader wherever you want it
3. Check /boot/grub2 in the new installation for the presence of all appropriate files
4. Edit grub.cfg as needed to ensure it will boot the new installation
5. Boot the new installation
6. Run grub2-mkconfig to let the new installation write a proper grub.cfg file

It's annoying, it's convoluted, but it's the only way I've found to ensure that my system works properly. YMMV

minty33 06-18-2013 03:20 PM

thanks. idk why a top flight distro like fedora has such a crappy installer. there are other stupid things about it also. for one i have a tower in a room without ethernet so i have a PCIe wireless card in it. my ssid is not broadcast so if you try and connect wirelessly via the installer there is no option to manually put in the ssid. no biggy because i can connect before i start the installer but it shows the crappy designe and unflexability of anaconda. korora comes with a howto video for anaconda and bugs even show up in the video lol.
i will try your method but first i am installing again and going to change it to boot from sdc in bios(since that is where i think it is putting grub). i marked that disk as bootable and that is where korora is going. hopefully it sees windows and i don't have to manualy add it to grub. given your input i don't hold out much hope my way will work but we'll see. if not i'll do it your way. i'll mark this solved and say whether my way worked or if i had to do it manually like you said.

minty33 06-18-2013 03:37 PM

ok well good news. changing the boot priority of the disks in bios did the trick. it also recognized windows on sda as a boot option in grub. i'm sure RockDoctors method works as well. i guess one advantage of this method is i have both bootloaders installed, 1 on each disk so if my grub mbr ever goes bad i can just change bios boot priority and boot directly to windows. i did try this and it does work.
thanks for your reply RockDoctor. marking solved now

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