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seizmic 05-31-2002 12:34 PM

ISO matching size

If I do a "du -ks ." on my Redhat 7.1 CD i get 658150kB but the ISO of 7.1 is 656756kB.

Is there any error or?
Should the size of the CD always match the size of the ISO?


safrout 05-31-2002 01:05 PM

why don't
u check the mdsum for ur iso

sewer_monkey 05-31-2002 02:45 PM

The actual size of the ISO file and the mounted CD-ROM filesystem size reported by du may be different. Again, to be absolutely sure that you'll have a good copy of RedHat is to check the MD5 sums of the ISO files before you burn them.

Noerr 05-31-2002 04:30 PM

you could technically make back iso file from cd and check sizes again, I'm not sure about checksums

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