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arsham 11-07-2005 05:12 AM

Installing Debian after CentOS with software RAID
Hi there
I have installed CentOS on my computer , with software RAID configured on 2 SATA harddrives ( 2X120 GB )

Now I decided to install debian on it , but the problem is I want to use my previews partition configuration , because there is noway to backup my data on current partitions ( 200 GB of data! )
there are a sort of partitions that I will format the root partition and will keep the /home partition which I have my data on
But when I boot my computer with debian installer CD , I see 2 HDDs with 3 partition , and there is 2 LVG on both of the drives , but I don't know how to keep these and format the / (root) partition

Please help me to solve my problem


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