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linuxbriel 08-27-2006 03:42 AM

Gentoo or Source Mage
Can anyone give me the differences, pros and cons between Source Mage and Gentoo

things like "I like ... more because ..." are welcome, just as much as other info.
thanks :Pengy:

Centinul 08-27-2006 09:45 AM

Well this may be biased but this is a good start: Differences with Gentoo

As far as my opinion I've never used Source Mage and I've been using Gentoo for approximately a year now and I have no major complaints about Gentoo. I went from FC4 to Gentoo and I haven't looked back. Portage (Gentoo's package management system) is top notch and the developers have made some nice improvements in it lately. I almost rarely have issues installing new software because Portage handles the dependencies for me. Also Gentoo has "USE Flags" so you can tailor the install to what you want (i.e. If you don't want KDE support add -kde as a USE flag). It also has a lot of customizability. If you like to tinker with your operating system I think it may be a good choice for you. It may take some time to configure but once it is you shouldn't have to touch it very often. Also another plus to these "meta distributions" is that you are always up-to-date because they don't version them. Well I hope this helps.

linuxbriel 08-27-2006 11:52 AM

thanks, there is very little information to find about source mage except their website. I guess it hasn't reached the mass yet.

BittaBrotha 08-27-2006 09:36 PM

I've tried both and currently have Sourcemage installed. For some reason I just like it better. I'm the type that always go with the underdog! :o)

Not a great big difference in source based distros, but I guess Gentoo does have more documentation. Most good sourcemage help you find using IRC more than the forums.

Here's an older article about sourcemage...

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