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cb951303 01-05-2006 02:34 PM

GENTOO installation iso question
I've been thinking of installing Gentoo. In the official site there are 2 types of installing cd.
1- Minimal Install 2005.1
2- Universal 2005.1

Minimal install is 60 MB and it's for network install and that's not what I want.
Other option, Universal CD is about 700MB for x86 arch.
Here is my problem, today while looking in distrowatch news I found that there is a bug-fix only official release (2005.1-r1).
First, I looked under the "Get Gentoo" link in the official site and couldn't find that bug-fix version
Second, I looked for gentoo mirrors and I found the 2005.1-r1 bugfix version then I realized that it's only 400MB.Supposing that gentoo team didn't fix a 300MB bug, WTF is this? Which one should I download?

any help would be greatly appreciated...

comprookie2000 01-05-2006 03:12 PM

This one;
is the new install-cd It is a live cd with a GUI like mepis or knoppix. Sounds good but has some problems.
This one,
The minimal works for most, if you can connect to the net. The universal has the stages etc on it.This one works for sure if you follow the handbook and have access to the net, which you will need anyway for gentoo.

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