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c0rk3y 08-08-2002 12:10 PM

Floppy Install
Anyone know where i can find a distro that offers floppy media as an alternative form of installation?

rsbecker007 08-08-2002 12:18 PM

I think that slackware can be installed by floppy: if you have a lot of them...

c0rk3y 08-08-2002 12:24 PM

Thanks, ill look into it. The story is that i have a laptop that works but the CD-ROM dont work. Ive been trying a few other alternatives but the process of booting into a floppy and installing vis ftp or nis is pain staking. Ill just have to put some time aside and be patient i guess. But as far as the choices go, i feel something like Mandy or Suse would be the best fit.

c0rk3y 08-08-2002 12:50 PM

Now if I had looked through here i would have found the post similiar to what i had asked. I gotta get use to the search feature.

wartstew 08-14-2002 12:24 PM

Other ideas:

1) Remove the hard drive from the laptop, put it in an adapter and plug it into a desktop machine, and build the Linux distro on it.

2) Buy, or borrow either a USB, Parellel port, or PCMCIA type device that you can use to get Linux on your laptop. Some choices are: external CDROMS, Zip drives, SCSI adapters & external drives, or even an Ethernet card tied into a computer with the stuff you need on it.

The nice thing about Linux, is that it will install a lot if different ways. I've even installed it to a hard drive plugged into the cdrom port that was on an old sound card! (It still had to boot from a floppy, and performance was poor, but it worked)

Pure floppy installs are ugly because with Linux disk images, the floppies have to be perfect, and they often arn't.

BTW, only the base install of Slackware will install from floppies, after that, you are back to the same problem. Old versions of Slackware, which are still available will fully install, but I don't think you'll want all those old applications.

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