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UltimateLinux 02-18-2005 08:29 AM

Does 64Bit Linux have all 64Bit Packages
As there are 64Bit Linux Distros available

I wanted to ask if the Linux is 64Bit all the packages on it are 64Bit.

Can you tell me a link where a list of 64Bit Packages is listed.

Matir 02-18-2005 10:51 AM

There are a number of pieces of software that have not been fully ported to 64 bit. Of course, is there a particular need it *MUST* be 64 bit software?

TanRanger 02-18-2005 11:36 AM

Oops! Posted in wrong thread. (How'd that happen?)

Werpon 02-19-2005 10:36 AM

Every package (that I've checked) in my 64 bit Ubuntu is "ELF 64-bit LSB executable".

UltimateLinux 02-19-2005 02:15 PM

Thanks for confirming

leadazide 02-19-2005 02:20 PM

There's no 64-bit Wine. (But anyway it wouldn't run normal win32 executables if it was 64bit!)

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