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AndreAPL 03-28-2009 07:58 PM

Distro to choose (supporting kde)
hi there.
Well, at home i'm using all machines with gnu/linux (desktop1 (mine)- openSuSE (kde 4.1), desktop2 - Debian Lenny (xfce), laptop1 - Debian Lenny (xfce)) except my laptop Hp G7018ep that was bought with Vista Home Basic. Since i'm tired and already formatted it, i need opinions for a new distro, with active support in kde 4. What should i use?
But since i'm using it for work (some autocad and Office2k7), will it be a good choice?

linus72 03-28-2009 08:19 PM

I would go with something like Artistx (Ubuntu-8.10 with lots of apps), Slackware-12.2, STUX-2.0 maybe-there are so many!

manwithaplan 03-28-2009 08:38 PM

Gentoo, fully customizable... and the plus of learning CLI alot quicker

Drakeo 03-28-2009 10:24 PM

Slackware current is the most stable I have used so far. Over pclinux -testing, Mandriva 2009 FC 9 and 10. That is my choice

r1d3r 03-28-2009 10:50 PM

Well, I think openSUSE has the best KDE integration,
and last time I checked, it ran the KDE4 much faster and flawlessly than others.


AceofSpades19 03-28-2009 10:53 PM

Where is slackware in that poll?

computerophil 03-29-2009 10:02 AM

I checked about 50 distros via LiveCD.
Of those you asked I liked Mandriva best. This is also the only one I am sure to remember that has KDE 4.
With KDE, good but very big is also Sabayon.
There is also Knoppix, Kubuntu, GoboLinux (KDE 3.5)
I liked openmamba and also SLAX.

Zelator 05-13-2009 11:58 PM

For a straightforward desktop I would probably choose SimplyMEPIS. However, as I have a long standing fascination with OSes, tempered by the need to earn a living, I find Debian 5 with KDE serves me well.

cybersekkin 05-14-2009 02:26 AM

Windows is not going anywhere
Keep Vista (you will need it from time to time for windows centric companies interfacing and even some governmental web sites). Or for your kids edu software.

Install virtual box and every distro you can squeeze into your harddisk and then when you find yourself spending all your time in one distro you know which one is right for you. (I have been using VMWare in Linux to host my windows and alt Linuxes for years but VMWare for Linux is just broke everytime you update a kernel while vista upgrades are seemless.)

For work I recommend (even if you don't use it too often) Fedora for self use Ubuntu or Debian and try to keep up on SuSE.

DragonSlayer48DX 05-14-2009 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by AceofSpades19 (Post 3491180)
Where is slackware in that poll?

Other? Which one? ;)

It depends on exactly what you want to do with Linux. There are many distros, and each has it's own personality. Try them all (They're free!) and decide for yourself which one works best. You might even become a multi-distro user like so many others.


john-ellis 05-14-2009 05:24 AM

keep vista
ok i know i am on the wrong site to say this, i used to be a massive linux fan i used ubuntu, when i got my-self a laptop i was delighted that ubuntu had sorted out the wireless connectivity issues, however there were too many other issues to be bothered to deal with.

the webcam support had disapeared

there was issues which meant you can't run google earth properly

watching dvd's was a pain with no codec support

and the list is just endless

the final straw was when i run an update that ubuntu sent out which wiped out all connections to the internet and it was impossible to get them back unless you did a full re-install.

so im back with vista, everything works first time i have no problems with internet connections to any router.

im affraid i just can't be bothered with all the compatability issues linux has with hardware and software.

but thats just my view.

synss 05-14-2009 06:13 AM

to john-ellis: OK but how well does KDE run on Vista?

to the OP: Opensuse is pretty good with KDE.

mikieboy 05-14-2009 06:20 AM


This is the first time I've logged into LQ since last December and that's because a) I've been busy and b) I've had not one single issue with this distro. NOT ONE!

I'm now using Mandriva 2009.1 with KDE4 and it works like a dream. I cannot recommend it highly enough.Just make sure that, unless you have personnel feelings about proprietary drivers, you don't install the Mandriva Free version and all should work perfectly.

Have fun


shryko 05-14-2009 08:08 AM

I lean towards kubuntu, though, the lack of KDE 3.5 in version 9.04 has me sorta iffy on keeping up with everything (I liked how 3.5 felt like a business desktop, not a flash-in-the-pan consumer one... but everything is going flashy, so... I may yet make the transition to manually disabling said flashy-ness)

My inclinations out of the way, I tried about a dozen or so distros before settling on *buntu; it's got the clockwork updates ("service pack" is a really good term, here...) and it's got the support... for ease of use? *buntu, and Mandriva have caught my eye. For robust capabilities? most qualify, but I lean towards the big names (*buntu, Mandriva, Fedora, or SUSE)...

really, make a list of qualifications you're gonna wanna judge them by, scratch off the ones that really don't meet your qualifications, and then test all that survive to make it to your shortened list. Linux is very much personal taste, so be sure to taste the whole buffet! (well, at least the appetizing options...)

pixellany 05-14-2009 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by john-ellis (Post 3540329)
ok i know i am on the wrong site to say this, i used to be a massive linux fan i used ubuntu, when i got my-self a laptop i was delighted that ubuntu had sorted out the wireless connectivity issues, however there were too many other issues to be bothered to deal with.

Based on your recent posting history, you are simply on the wrong site....Why are you here?

With 7 posts in a bit over one year, I have to say that you simply did not try very hard.....But, having given up, what is your objective in making posts like this (and the one back in March)?

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