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up_creek 03-03-2006 09:11 AM

distro for old laptop, java programming
Hey all,

I'm new and this is my first post. First off, sorry if my question is answered in another thread I missed.

I have an old laptop kicking around (P120, 32mb ram, 2gig HD) and I'd like to know if there's a linux distro that could run Eclipse for some Java programming, that could run on my machine. I'd also like it for taking notes in class and I'm assuming you can get some kind of text editor for all distros, no matter how small.

I'd consider myself a beginner to novice linux user. I use linux in school for programming and such, but I've never installed it. But I'm up for anything.

Any ideas? Thanks a ton for your time. :newbie:

sweetbrett 03-03-2006 10:56 AM

check out Damn Small Linux (

I got my P133 toshiba laptop running it. I had to upgrade the memory from 16mb to get any *nix to run well with X, but your 32mb ram shoul dbe fine.

Be aware, no matter what you put on it, it is going to be slow.

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