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RyanA 12-17-2002 05:15 AM

Debian & LSB compliance
Why Debian isn't LSB certified, yet? Are they waiting for the release of Sarge for LSB certification?

When is sarge expected to be out? "When it's done" yeah, I know. I'm asking if Debian has any development cycles. r3.0r0 & r3.0r1 were released about 6 months apart so could that mean I can expect it to be another 6 months before Sarge is ready?

aliensub 12-19-2002 09:24 PM

Well there went 2 years! from 2.2 -> 3.0, so 6 month is maybe a little underated :)

There have been some changes too make a faster realease cycle...

If you can't wait use sarge or sid for that matter. I have run sid for 6 month with only 1 or 2 problem's, which where fixed within a couple of days.

But look at f.ex. Redhat & Mandrake, when they make a .0 release it's many times so buggy that it looks like a wellknown redmond OS. When Debian makes a .0 release it's truly stable.

RyanA 12-20-2002 12:31 AM

hahah yeah, but the latest release was just updates. If Sarge were to be released 6 months from now that would have given it a year to develop.

What's sid? Is that the "testing" distro?

Donald1000 12-20-2002 05:56 AM

No! "Sid" is the unstable Version of Debian! The testing Version is "Sarge"

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