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zr11 04-30-2010 11:54 AM

Custom Slax Build Wanted will pay $$$ for help!
I just started using Linux, specifically a distro called Slax (, and I love it. I am a Windows guy who works in IT and have been using computers since my old Commie64 way back. I just started messing with Linux and I think this is the perfect distribution for my needs, but really don't have the time at present to learn all about building modules and making stuff work in Linux. I have tried and as much as I love and know computers the curve on some of this stuff is a bit high. I will learn it ALL but I need something kind of quick for now. So I am here looking for a Linux Master Jedi to whip something together for me. I am looking for:

Someone to create a CD iso version of Slax using the Slax-Remix version v06/ including the following modules all working, installed and listed in the Applications/Start Menu:

1. Trash on desktop 0.2
2. Skype 2.1 for Linux
4. ISO Master
5. Google Earth 4.3
6. Krusader 1.90.0
7. testdisk & photorec 6.9
8. QtParted
9. Sweet Home 3D 1.3
10. cpufrequtils
11. Aero All-in-One
12. GParted 0.4.8
13. NT Password & Registry
14. smartmontool s-5.38
15. Sbackup
16. Keep 0.4.0-1
17. xdiskusage 1.48-7
18. Qcad
19. safecopy-1.6
20. ClamAV 0.96
21. CrossOver Linux
22. shutter-0.85.1-1
23. PartImage 0.6.8
24. peazip-3.0
25. WINE-1.1.42

All the modules are listed and available at the website, but from what I understand about the Remix version of Slax, modules require a bit of modification to run under the updated kernel. I also wanted to incorporate a few custom themes from . I am willing to pay someone for their time via paypal or whatever instant payment method they want for the work. I imagine if I took the time to learn this from scratch myself it would take a few hours to get what I want done, but it may take months for me to learn it all. I just don't have the time right now! Please let me know if anyone is interested in taking on this project and if they can get it done fast, and also how much money they want for their help!

unSpawn 04-30-2010 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by zr11 (Post 3953133)
it may take months for me to learn it all. I just don't have the time right now

Given the fact you "just don't have the time right now" I think it shouldn't come cheap. USD 300 I think should be the lowest offer. Seriosuly, enthusiasm is cool but there are limits. Offering money to just get what you want is not how things are done at LQ. Nor does it seem the way a user of that particular distribution (or derivatives) would go about things.

linus72 04-30-2010 08:58 PM

Hmmm...I would love to take a stab at it.

I have fathoms remix 5 installed to hdd and have played with it alot while trying to make my own
slackware based version of nFlux here

It uses older squashfs like slax 6.1.2
fathom's remix uses newer 4.0 version I think...

And you want all those as modules?
Maybe clump some of them together into single .lzm's like "rescue.lzm", etc?
The more modules=more resources I think also
but slax can load some or all you know..

So, anyway I could definitely do it, with debian or buntu even easier
but, I actually like slax's persistent feature better as the slaxsave.dat or slaxsave.xfs can be on same partition as slax and
its easier in some ways

PureOS is a debian squeeze system built in slax fashion
and that might be an even better option.

So, go here look at some of my stuff and if you wanna work something out answer back.

PTrenholme 04-30-2010 09:13 PM

Have you tried any other distributions? Most of them include those apps "off the shelf," or, if not, easily installed from the distribution's repositories. (Precompiled and packaged, although - if you really enjoy compiling your own apps - the configured source code used for any app is, almost always, available in the distribution's source repository.)

While there are many different distributions out there, in my opinion the similarities between them are much larger then the differences. So, from a new Linux user's perspective, you can "get up to speed" with any "general purpose" distribution and, later, when you a comfortable with Linux, build your "ideal" distribution to satisfy your heart's desire.

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