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Cobra133 06-22-2004 02:20 PM

Creating a custom Morhpix distro (morphix is a derivative of knoppix)
Hi, here is my problem. I've built this really custom .deb file to be installed after I install morphix to the hard drive. It contains alot of custom software, as well as some desktop settings. I'm trying to create a custom Morphix distro that does the following in order:

1. Take off the morphix intro graphics at the CD boot, and present the user with the following:

1. Install to Hard Drive
2. Boot from Live CD

OK, now if choice 2 is chosen the standard Morphix boots so that the admin can recover stuff off the system if it was damanged. But, if option 1 is chosen, here is what i need to happen.

1. boots into x windows.
2. autostarts the install to hd program (the one located on the desktop)
3. the user doesn't have to do anything except choose the HD and run cfdisk. The user can choose anything for passwords and users because the .deb file will erase all that stuff and put in things the way they should be.
4. Then, and only then, the .deb file needs to be installed. I'm really confused on how to do this. I've tried putting it in the /deb folder on the cdrom drive but the directory structure between the cdrom drive and the hard drive install is so different it just creates a huge mess.

If anyone has ANY information that could be of ANY use please don't hesitate to help!

Also: Morhpix is a direct derivative of knoppix, anything that works for knoppix should work for Morphix.


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