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maxlambert01 01-08-2014 08:28 AM

createrepo command clarifications requested - CentOS 5.5 V1.7
Newbie looking for some additional info that's not available via the 'man' page for createrepos - (trying to debug/diagnose someone elses product build scripts).

The basic command syntax is:
createrepos <options> <directory>

Q1 - <directory> is where all the individual .rpm files are located, correct?
Q2 - There doesn't appear to be a recurse options, so assuming it doesn't?

-o --output is the "optional output directory (useful for read only media)"
Q1 - what exactly is placed in the output directory? One file?, several files?, filenames?
Q2 - if not used, what is the default output directory? The one from which the command is executed? or <directory>?

thanks in advance!

rknichols 01-09-2014 06:59 PM

  1. You typically specify the directory just above the one where the RPM files are stored.
  2. Recursion is automatic. If there are subdirectories you want to skip, you have to exclude them specifically.
  3. Two output directories are created: repodata and cache.
  4. By default, the output directories are created in the directory given on the command line.

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