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fatrakoon 01-01-2001 08:45 PM

Well, I have finally managed to get off my bum, and try to get Corel (release 1.2) onto a PC.

It is a big issue for me, as to what distro I use, simply because the only one I can do, is Mandrake 6.1, and surprisingly, its the only one ( Until a few months ao, when I bought 7.1 ) that I have the full package of!

Anyway, I wanted to try Corel out, but never succeeded in getting the Video card ( Matrox Mistique ) to work very well, as Corel seems to assume, that I am using a monitor capable of 1024x768 at 60hz, which has always got to me.

Anyway, just now, I decided... Lets do it.

It installed great, and I got onto what looked like a login manager, and I started to twiddle the monitors knobs, and I got something that I could just make out, although the text was very weird indeed, but readable after a few guesses as to what it ws saying, and I logged in, and got the desktop up.

Luckily, the properies were a simple right click on the desktop, so this was my first major hurdle done, and after about 20 minutes of fumbling, I managed to get the screen properties up, This involved all kinds of silly tricks, such as guessing where the mouse is when I try to move the windows down, because the top of it, was about 2 inches above the screen, and the usuals like that.

I managed to set it to 800x600 at 56hz, and pressed enter, gave it a few seconds, and CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACEd it...

Guess what! - Yes, it came up great! - Well, I had to restore the monitors knobs to show it centered etc, but it went.

God, I had an easier time with Slackware installing off an old reveal CDROM, than this!

Now, my next job...

Trying to get one of the SuSE CD's to run!

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