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Lsatenstein 02-15-2020 07:40 AM

This system, supported by Intel, boots faster than any other Linux I have tested and have installed.

It is also very snappy, you click on an icon and immediately, the effect is present--no sluggishness delays.

C/C++ code compiled and tested is smaller than that produced by alternative distros.

The downside... VLC or other for mp4 or mpeg codecs will not allow you full view of email attachments. However, there is no issue with using youtube.

ondoho 02-15-2020 07:54 AM

Can it be used as a desktop OS?

BW-userx 02-15-2020 08:12 AM

it says it has a dl for it
I'm going to check it out. :thumbsup:

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Try Clear Linux OS without replacing your current operating system.
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sevendogsbsd 02-15-2020 08:17 AM

Review on Phoronix:

BW-userx 02-15-2020 09:02 AM

it uses flatpac if you're into that sort of thing.

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