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maximalred 07-03-2003 11:49 PM

Capture support for dvd and video capture in linux is it even going to be real ever?
Capturing divx video in linux and dvd support capturing and burning DVD-R ever going to be real for linux , windows xp already supports these , when will linux? I know that linux can view capture card stuff but capturing video files , does not seem to work at all in linux, burning works but I have to go into windows and capture video in windows then take it into linux just to play back say divx is their any point in that , also when will they make a pro version of divx for linux? at all , also is their any capturing dvd video and buring options beening made for linux like in freeware because that was the whole point in linux in the first place was the freeware gnu type thing?

Dual booting both OS

I use both windows xp and redhat linux 9 right now , I have one harddrive with windows xp pro on it and another drive with redhat 9 on it just use 2 harddrive one for windows xp install first then install linux just will give you the option to install either lilo or grub in redhat grub looks better but all other linux brands lilo looks better

I have like 79 GB for windows xp and 29GB for Linux
I have a Pentium 4 2.80GHZz and 512MB of RAM on my pc with a lucent modem that works in linux with ltmodem drivers , dvd also works in linux with either xine player or videolan players from the site you also need to compile the decss type decodeing type software to be able to play any dvd in linux. xine works best for a linux dvd xine the menus work in it better than the videolan program and xine is found on
ltmodem drivers can be found on mandrake-linux hardware support link for lucent modems and I have a nvidia geforce 4 card which works with 2d and 3d in linux which is importend if you are a 3d gaming player.

but linux lacks in video captuing programs and video codec encoding stuff thought it plays video from capture card source recording video file like divx is almost impostable even thought divx has a linux codec drivers , I have had no luck capturing anything in linux
my card is from and it seems to detect and run ok it linux , also redhat is a bad brand for viewing capturing card stuff they don't provide a link to the program which is install for it , the program their in redhat but theirs no icon link for it anywhere on a redhat system.
anything like brand like mandrake and suse both provide better capture card support like with software and icons links which redhat 8 and 9 lack..
I hope this helps for making which linux to get or if you even what to still get one , linux is not yet a good multimedia os yet , it just lacks too much form lack of support for capture cards , to lack of support of DVD-R etc.. you can not burn DVD-R or DVD-RW in linux yet their is no support for this stuff that I can tell, you can burn cd-R and cd-rw support is their in linux but no burning dvd yet alone no dvd video capturing programs for linux either yet I think because I have not heard of any software that can capture and burn dvd video for linux , just does not exist yet

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maximalred 07-03-2003 11:58 PM

ops, that last smilies thing hard a fingurer doing a bad pointy thing , sorry didn't notice that.

Thymox 07-06-2003 07:04 PM

Have you checked out MPlayer? I'm sure it has the capability to capture from a video source such as a tv-card (for example) and either dump it straight to a raw file for encoding later, or it you have the throughput capabilities, encode it on the fly to whatever you can get your hands on - divx, mpegs, etc. And as for burning DVDs, all the programs you'll come across (as far as I am aware) are just frontends to cdrecord and cdrdao, so you should only need to update/patch these to enable DVD writing, and I believe that these patches are usually applied in the default versions of cdrecord/cdrdao that come with most distros.

Locura 07-06-2003 08:29 PM

Just because there aren't fun GUI applications and "icons" for programs, doesn't mean they don't exist. You HAVE heard about the command line, haven't you?

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