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dsbrand 09-14-2003 10:36 AM

Boot Screen Graphics Card Setting
I am running Suse 8.2 on an Athlon with a NEC LCD1525M with no problems, other than the boot up sequence is badly positioned on the monitor. (Text and SuSe graphic 2 inches over to the right.

I use GRUB to dual boot and I have tried to change the "vga=" parameter with no success. When I use vga=ask it states I have a VESA VGA. I in fact have an NVIDIA MX440 which I have installed the correct drivers for and it works fine in X.

Is there any way of making the kernel recognize the card when it boots and sort out the fact that all the text and the Suse "loading" graphic is about 2 inches over to the right?

When I installed Suse I didn't specifiy the NVIDIA card anywhere, so could that have something to do with it?

My thoughts are that I might need to recompile the kernel with NVIDIA driver support. I have no idea how this would be done so any help would be very good.


LSD 09-14-2003 09:00 PM

What it's telling you is that it's using VESA Framebuffer support. This is good because at present, the card specific framebuffer driver are in varying stages of development and fairly unreliable. What I suspect is happening is that you haven't properly set up your monitor for a 60Hz (all the vesafb driver can put out, it doesn't look all that bad though, at least not here on Gentoo with their default purple "Larry the Cow" bootsplash) refresh at the given resolution. If you have any kind of recent monitor, you should be able to access its menu and shift the picture over to the left without affect other refresh rates in other resolutions.

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