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woms14 09-09-2007 04:00 PM

Best linux distro for dual monitor support!

Over the years i've mostly used ubuntu or fedora/red hat

I got a new box, it has an integrated intel chip, and a pci video card, I want dual monitor support, works fine with windoze, which distro would you recommend for the easiest setup of dual display? For instance, which would have most built in video drivers/support? Thanks!

p.s. is this the right section to post in?

mwpierce2 09-09-2007 05:54 PM

it really depends on which version of Xorg - newer versions have better support for dual display but, you need to know the bus id of the cards (lspci)

I have ran up to 3 monitors with slackware and xorg 6.8 (if I remember correctly)
I have a dual head card and an *old* pci card that I was able to get to work in slackware but not with windows (2000 or XP) (grin)

farslayer 09-10-2007 09:39 AM

No clue what video cards you are using, but you could probably use Xinerama to get them working. theres a how to on Ubuntu's forums that should work for pretty much any distro..

square_eyes 09-11-2007 05:18 AM

As farslayer said, you need to know what video card(s) you have. (Brand and model). 'Easiest' to setup depends on the distro you are using and really depends on the video hardware driver support on that distro. This support is directly proportional to how linux-friendly the vendor of the video card is.

The point is some video cards can be hard to setup and it's not the distro's fault. If setting up your card in linux becomes to much of a hassle, you might consider looking for a linux friendly card that fits you needs on ebay.

Read around, ask around. If your particular card has lots of people having problems setting it up, flick it.

I recommend pclinuxos 2007. It has the KDE user interface you might prefer and it also has very easy to use configuration programs.

Most generic video drivers are available. Certain ones such as the 3d drivers from nvidia can be easily downloaded and installed.

The forums site over there is top-notch. You are welcome to visit and ask for help if you have any problems.


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