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sthebig 09-12-2004 02:27 PM

Best Distro for a web/ftp site?
OK... I was wondering what the best linux distro for web/server usage is...
i want to run an ftp server, surf the web, and possibly run a mail server....
any suggestions?

preferably a GUI distro, but if someone can help me learn command line all the better...
also preferably a minimalist distro, withall or most of the programs needed included


Boffy 09-12-2004 02:31 PM

minimalist with all the programs. Kind of a contradiction but slackware is a good server distro. But then again I use mandrake and it works as a desktop PC and as a server at the same time and is easy to configure. As with most linux distros its all about what you install. If you install loads it wont be minimalist. With most modern distros you can choose exact packages so you only get what you want.

Try fluxbox or XFCE if you want a minimalist desktop. As for server you will need things like: apache, proserv, fetchmail and things. Most of them come with recent distros.


trickykid 09-12-2004 04:35 PM

Depending on the hardware being used, any distro without X installed should do the job. Go with what your familiar with. And if its a true server, don't run X, its not needed.

halo14 09-15-2004 11:25 AM

If your fairly new.. I would recommend SuSE.. either 9.0 or 9.1 Professional..

You said you want to use it to surf the web also, which means it will also be a desktop for you right? SuSE is quite user friendly and easy to configure.. and makes a pretty good webserver to boot... I like it a lot.. and granted there isn't a direct support forum here yet, you can post under the general distrobution help or go to and that is the official suse support forum... Good Luck

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