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safrout 03-22-2002 08:14 PM

asking about Lycoris
have anyone here tried that linux os
i am a new user for linux and want to work on it intsead of windows

so i am asking if anyone using it
can tell me about that dist?

acid_kewpie 03-23-2002 04:23 AM

1) it's crap.

2) there's plenty of info about it on this site, just search for redmond. that's what it used to be called.

3) it's crap.

trickykid 03-23-2002 10:51 AM

well most experienced linux users will tell you that it is crap, this is a distro that is trying to make it very easy to convert from windows, with easy installation and configuration.

though very heavily bloated with stuff your never going to need, it is a good starting point for a newbie, then you can move on to a more well developed distro.

and if you want a better and more user friendly newbie distro, might want to just use mandrake or try it.


Thymox 03-24-2002 10:44 AM

I tried if for a while but found it somewhat lacking. One of the benefits of using Linux is that you can 'fine-tune' it to your needs, should you want to do so. Obviously, if it works and you're not too fussed about tweaking, then you don't have to. Redmond/Lycoris, however, offers very few tweaking utils for the newb. Yes, you can go right down into the config files and edit them manually, but if you're happy to do this, you might as well be going for a Slackware distro.

MO: It could potentially be a good starting point for newbs, except that it doesn't really represent anything about Linux. It is seems to be, quite literally, Windows for Linux.

I would advise that if you want to try a Linux distro, but not be thrown in the deep end, go for Mandrake (or possibly SuSe, but I've not used it so I can't say).

RedHatMN 03-26-2002 10:39 AM

Why are you all even talking about Config files and customization? All this person asked is what's a good starter distro for a Windows user, this person has to be convinced that Linux is worth while, before there going to invest anytime learning about config files, etc...

Check out Lycoris...
Get comfortable with it...

Then move up to a distro that gives you more control over things like customization and tweaking config files, a good distro for this(as mentioned above) would be Mandrake 8.2

Thymox 03-26-2002 10:51 AM

The reason I was mentioning them is that at the moment this is where Linux is at. If someone really wanted a distro that is exactly like Windows, why not just use Windows?

I'm sorry, but IMO Lycoris/Redmond does no favours to anyone. If you're used to the Windows environment and you then try a Linux distro that is exactly like Windows, when you do decide to 'go up a gear' to a distro like Mandy you will still be in the same situation of not knowing anything about Linux.

Lets take a fairly common example: sound cards. I refuse to believe that this small upstart of a distro has solved all the problems that Linux has ever faced with regards to sound cards. If you install Mandy then you have some config tools to help you get things sorted. If you install Lycoris/Redmond, what have you got? A non-working soundcard -- not a very good introduction to the Linux world, me thinks.

RedHatMN 03-26-2002 11:01 AM

Point well taken...

However, you have to remember that Lycoris is barely 6 months old... right now there focus is on other aspects of the distro (Install Process, Hardware Recognition, Etc...) I think that once they get the "bigger" parts of their distro fixed then they'll start working on configuration tools and such...

You have to remember too that there is always the control center in KDE to configure such things as sound cards, etc...

These are my thoughts on Lycoris, summed up...

Is it bloated? Yes.
Is it as slick and configurable as RedHat or Slack? Definitely not.
Are the default menus and desktop familiar to a Windows user? Definitely.
Is it a good "First Try"? Definitely...

Like I said, check it out, learn the termanology, etc...
and once you're comfortable move on to something better...


albertaboy 04-01-2002 08:36 PM

I would suspect that lycoris will swing more windows users over to linux than having them totally bewildered by slack or red hat. I dont use it, but have recommended it to a few friends based on only what I have read about it.
I use mandrake 8.1 Intallation was the easy part. I struggled for a week with Knome, got pissed off and swiched to KDE. What a difference!!! Now im beginning to like it! I might buy a lycoris pack and install it just to see what it is like. If it is as user friendly as it is advertised, great. I cant understand the hard noses attitude that if it looks anything like windows, it must be no good. I have very little against MS OS's, rather a problem with Microsoft business practices. If Lycoris is really user friendly, what is wrong with that? In order to operate a computer the way an average user does, surf the net, email, office chores, play music ect, why is the most difficult linux the best? Whats the matter with the odd nice picture, good graphics and sensible point and click? If it feels good, do it!!

rodda 04-02-2002 12:49 PM

I get a kick out of you people at times...
Apparently Thymox, acid-kewpie and trickykid have forgotten why Microsoft holds 90%+ of the desktop market share and Linux is left with a piddly little 2%.

Why would you be so critical of another Linux distro? Development of Linux is forked with over 100+ distributions. Are you going to complain about everyone of them? Those distros meet the specific needs of certain people, just as Red Hat, SuSE and Mandrake do.

Lycoris represents another branch in that development tree. It is no more "crap" than Slack or Mandrake. You seem to forget that an operating system is simply a cog in the tool we call a computer. Like millions of other users I use my computer to accomplish tasks not to learn about operating systems.

If you want Linux to be popular with the masses, I guarantee more distros will embrace Windows users with similar tactics. Just as KDE is a smoother transition than Gnome for nearly every Windows user, Lycoris includes attributes to help with the transition. Linux will always be second rate on the desktop until it becomes popular with the masses. Those people are running Windows right now. And without those millions of users, support for hardware and development of applications will be lacking or lag behind the leading competitor.

It could be argued that every distro thus far is (as you put it) "crap" for desktop users. Why? Because not a single one of them has been able to gain any real market share on the desktop. But with each new advance by the many thousands of developers, Linux will improve in a myriad of ways enabling it to capture market share for users at home and in the office. Those changes and advances will come whether you like it or not.

Those are the facts. Now to my personal experience: I have run several distros over the last year and found Red Hat (7.3b) to be my favorite. However, I also have Lycrois d/lx on a system right now and it's been just as stable. And my wife, computer illiterate though she is, loves it. Point made.

albertaboy 04-02-2002 01:16 PM

I agree with what you say rodda. I dont think that the majority of people are really interested in mastering the most complicated concepts in linux. Most that I know and talk to are interested in finding a usable alternative to windows because of being very pissed off at their business practices. (and their eventual demise if they continue with their arrogance)
So what if it looks like windows for linux? At least it is a way to get out of the microsoft grip. The majority of average users are not even slightly interested in programming, compiling kernels or many of the exotic things possible with linux. (exotic at least to a layman) What if someone wants to get away from microsoft, but simply wants a friendly, usable OS? Thats where distros like Lycoris shine. The goal, at least for me is not to become an expert on linux, but rather have an OS (non microsoft) that is capable of doing what I want it to do. No more, no less. If down the road sometime, I decide to further my knowledge of linux, I can choose from over 100 or so, with different levels of skill required. As I said many times, I am not really dissatisfied ith windows xp, I have had very good results with it. I AM very upset with the business practices of the corporation that produces it, that is my reason for wanting to change.

acid_kewpie 04-02-2002 03:30 PM


I couldn't reason my way out of a paper bag, but i do still stand by my point. Linux is more than an OS, it's about society and all that stuff. It's not there as nothing more than a windows replacement. Linux should take over the desktop on its own terms, not by big companies buthering linux and pretending it's something it's not. Lycoris/Redmond utterly butcher linux, they even pretend that KDE isn't KDE, and is actaully called DesktopLX. and that there is no choice, they've hacked it to make it as similar to windows as they can manage, and they think that's a good thing. Whilst it is a way into understanding and learning about linux, going after linux just because it's free or whatever... nah. Yeah distros like Mandrake and Redhat do generally edge towards *suggesting* you use KDE, but they don't force you to wear blinkers and to not be able to use anything else. Lycoris is crap. thankyou. :D

redgore 04-02-2002 04:11 PM

The best to start on The worst to learn on
Lycoris is good to start on but that is where you will stay. Even with all the stuff from the devtools iso you cannot install much software. This wouldnt be so bad if they had a team working on getting software easy to install (one of the premises of the distro i believe) While trying to install a simple program I get complicated and cryptic error "Compiler cant compile binaries" WTF what is the point of it then? They have made it too much like windows but not enough like linux. SO yer try it out but then ditch it and go for RH or something similar as you can have the ease of win to lin conversion it brings and also the possibility of expanding it further. My experiences where good untill trying to expand my knowledge etc Its your chpoice not mnine so go for it

albertaboy 04-03-2002 01:10 AM

Linux is more than an OS its about society and all that stuff?

Im sorry but I dont worship at the alter of linux, or windows for that matter. They are both OS's for gods sake!! A tool to work with on a computer!! I do use mandrake 8.1 now and quite sucessfully i might add, but I also use windows. 2 versions of it. When I told some friends that I was using linux now, one of them said "oh you have joined the linux cult!" I wondered what he was talking about. Now im beginning to understand. Does your life rotate around a computer OS? Mine sure as hell doesnt. IF and when I try lycoris, it will simply be to see if I like it. If I do, I will keep it. If not I will "zap" it. Im simply in the market for (as I stated before) a friendly, usable OS to replace window, that does everything I want it to do. I have no real desire to become a linux guru and "master" the most difficult distro of linux. I simply want to get some work done, and play a bit.

The LINUX way of life (as someone on here put it)???
I HAVE a life thankyou!!!

You may ask... . what the hell am I doing on here then??
Answer.... attempting to find out as much meaningfull information about linux as I can. Not to become a member of a distinct society.

safrout 04-03-2002 06:09 AM

i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
with alebrtaboy
i am also searching for an OS which i ca use instead of windows and give me what i want
i have comleted d/l the lycoris and as soon as i burn it and install it
i'll tell u all what i think about it;) ;)

albertaboy 04-03-2002 02:48 PM

I just ordered Lycoris.. I decided against downloading it. After giving it some thought, why not send them some money. It costs to develope these things and I dont mind pitching in my 39 bucks to help them out. I will see if its worth it when I get it installed. If not, im not out much.

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