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hazza96 06-25-2001 03:08 AM

ADSL firewall/gateway/samba server
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for distros to setup a firewall/samba server for a home network.

The server will be connected to the internet via ADSL and the home network via a network card.

I need it to be as secure as it can be without having to go to Uni and do 4 years of study. I was looking at Mandrake Single Network Firewall as a possible solution.

jharris 06-25-2001 03:36 AM

There has been a recent post on Mandrake Single Network Firewall - have a search for that. I think you'll find that the distro you end up using won't make a massive difference to your security so long as you set it up right yourself... Search the forum for posts by Razbot - he answers a lot of the network security related questions so you'll probably find some good answers on the threads.



jrmann1999 06-26-2001 06:42 PM

Pretty much ANY distro is good for this now. If they support your type of DSL(there aren't that many that don't support them all) and your particular network card/DSL modem(this is the tricky part) your going to be fine. There's enough howto's out there to allow you to figure your way through custom setups of firewall/samba. My personal distro of choice is slackware, but for the ease of use I wouldn't suggest it. Redhat or Mandrake are MUCH more user friendly and don't really require you to learn in depth Linux administration.


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