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Razgorov 11-27-2012 03:28 PM

Xscreensaver - howto configure multiple (rss)-url's
Hey all!

I am trying to configure xscreensaver and all is working well, except for one little thing. I have phosphor displaying bbc world news as I wanted it. But actually I want some slashdot rss feeds in there as well. And maybe even some others...
So the question is: Can I use multiple urls's in xscreensaver? And if so, what divider should I use?

Already tried : ; , . / \ > but to no avail. Actually url(space);(space)url made the whole xscreensaver stall ;-)
The manpage, xscreensaver --help and the (FAQ on the) website were not useful in this matter, nor was google... Can anyone enlighten me here? Maybe there is a loophole / workaround I never heard of?

Thanks in advance!
Razgorov Prikazka

frankbell 12-02-2012 08:09 PM

I took a look at Phosphor and couldn't figure out a way.

Then I ran Phosphor and, given how it behaves, I don't think it could work properly with multiple feeds.

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