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jhettmer 08-03-2009 06:50 PM

xrandr dual head desktop changes on second login
Running Fedora 11, Nvidia 8800 series board. Dual head wide screen is fine - I have two 3840x1200 workspaces, and for each the screens divide in half perfectly. But in Fedora 11 it seems impossible to remove the logout option from the menu, and if I log out and log back in the desktop is wrong. Though windows slide across from one monitor to the next as before, each is being treated as a separate desktop - the swicher now shows four 1920x1200 desktops, with independent taskbars, and sliding a window from one to the other moves it into the other window list. Unfortunately our application simply can not tolerate this. I know it's not exactly an xrandr or Xorg or gdm or gnome issue - they just aren't playing the game. I am surprised that when I killed gdm it still happened. I have to reboot to recover the correct configuration.

So, does anyone know anyone who might know how to get around this? And where would I try to file a bug report? Thanks for any ideas.

Eric Elliott 08-04-2009 12:11 PM

To prevent the problem:
Above may be close enough to get you there. If not you may have better search terms for hunting answers.
If log out option is not removable, might it be changed to restart or lock?

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