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PhoenixAndThor 02-01-2010 06:12 AM

Xfdesktop update problem
After a few days of searching, I still haven't found a solution for this one.

openSUSE 11.2 32-bit
Xfce 4.6.1

I am having a problem with xfdesktop, the desktop manager in Xfce. I have checked to make sure that my directories are set up properly, and I have modified some of the config files manually, but I haven't gotten anywhere. The problem I am having is that what I see on my desktop and what I see in my Desktop folder are not in sync. When I create a new file in my Desktop folder, it doesn't show up on the desktop until I log out and back in again. The same thing happens when I delete something, it stays on my desktop until I log out and back in again.

Is anyone else having this problem? At first, I didn't notice. Then I thought it would be fixed in an update or something, but it's been almost a month and now it's really driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance!

PhoenixAndThor 02-03-2010 01:24 AM


Anyone have a solution?

catkin 02-03-2010 02:04 AM

Are all the necessary components running? Here's for Xfce 4.6.1 running on Slackware 13.0

c:~$ ps -Uc -f | grep xf | grep -v grep
c        3861  3829  0 09:47 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/xfce4-session
c        3863    1  0 09:47 ?        00:00:00 /usr/libexec/xfconfd
c        3867  3861  0 09:47 ?        00:00:01 xfwm4 --display :0.0 --sm-client-id 2b1c6bbfe-a1a4-4b53-a5f7-1d8d5300df5d
c        3868    1  0 09:47 ?        00:00:00 xfsettingsd
c        3873  3861  0 09:47 ?        00:00:03 xfce4-panel -r --sm-client-id 2f5bf6a17-2fae-4336-90c5-c6be40b4fb1f
c        3874  3861  0 09:47 ?        00:00:28 xfdesktop --display :0.0 --sm-client-id 2572ce978-33c3-4988-afe8-27c3b70a3b10
c        3875    1  0 09:47 ?        00:00:00 xfce4-settings-helper --display :0.0 --sm-client-id 21d8d277e-7033-4732-a2ca-345ba96e1628
c        3879  3873  0 09:47 ?        00:00:00 /usr/libexec/xfce4/panel-plugins/orageclock socket_id 20971562 name orageclock id 12532110930 display_name Orage Clock size 48 screen_position 11
c        3884  3873  0 09:47 ?        00:00:00 /usr/libexec/xfce4/panel-plugins/xfce4-menu-plugin socket_id 20971606 name xfce4-menu id 12532170433 display_name Xfce Menu size 28 screen_position 5

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PhoenixAndThor 02-05-2010 07:53 AM

Oh, sorry about that! And yes, all of the components are loaded when I log in. That's the part I don't get. So far, this problem seems unique to opensuse. Now that I notice it, I find it really annoying. In the mean time, is there any program I can use to replace xfdesktop? I just need something to manage my icons. I thought about using pcmanfm, like LXDE does. fbdesk and idesk, are out of the question though because they are not available in the opensuse repos. I would also like to avoid nautilus, as that would defeat the purpose of using Xfce.

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