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pbhj 01-29-2007 04:37 PM

xfce hosed my kde install ... why and how should I fix it?

This a bit roundabout but I installed xfce-4.4.0 in Slackware 11 and it's ruined my KDE installation.

I don't know if that's the result of decisions that xfce have made, a bug or what, it's too wide reaching to sum up in a bug report.

Symptoms I've noticed include:
  • can't run kcontrol, hard lock ensues and I have to reboot via the power switch (can't even ctrl-alt-backspace)
  • can't use konqueror as Thunar attempts to open everything instead (from within a normal KDE session, accessed via a reboot and then log in using kdm)
  • system running KDE is now suffering regular unprompted lock ups
  • edit: forgot it also changed by keyboard map (when I use kde)

Not really tried finding anything else as one of the reasons I don't run MS Windows is because I don't like rebooting (takes about 1.5 mins on this (old) computer).

xfce was quite nice but not a lot faster than KDE on my Slackware 11 on an Athlon 1.1GHz (!) which surprised me.

I'm trying removing xfce completely (shame as it looked useful) and reinstalling KDE but can someone tell me what went wrong and how I should've fixed it??

Why did I install? I've been trying to fix a recent performance drop by enemy-territory whereby instead of 20+fps I now get 3-5fps. So I was trying running from a thin WM with all non-essential services closed. It didn't help. Seems that the issue is not CPU use (it worked before) nor memory (made sure barely anything but X and et.x86 were loaded) nor bandwidth (file downloads via et client same speed as before) nor latency (ping of 40 ish compares favourably with other players and with past sessions) ... can't see what else it could be!

jonnycando 01-29-2007 05:41 PM

I dunno what happened, or for sure what to do, but let me throw another suggestion out. If xfce runs properly, and only KDE is screwy, try uninstalling KDE and then reinstalling it. On the one hand that should get you a working KDE and it might just take retribution and wreck xcfe for you :eek: Either way, if xcfe survives, and you do get a working KDE, you can undo xcfe later or continue to tinker with it. Good time to get 3.5.5 of KDE if you did not already have it too, it is a better overal setup.

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