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darklink2058 07-07-2007 05:03 AM

xfce AND compiz
Hello all there.

I have slackware 12 installed on my PC, I have compiz 0.5.0, and xfce 4.4.

compiz is working well, all GL characteristics are ON on the xorg.conf.

Just I want to know how to conserve xfce window decorations at the same time I use compiz.

Thanx to all.

reddazz 07-07-2007 05:16 AM

You can't use the XFCE window decorations when using compiz or beryl because they use their own window manager which replaces the gnome, kde or xfce window managers.

mcmillan 07-07-2007 11:25 AM

Heliodor allows Gnome window managers to be used with beryl, and aquamarine does the same with KDE. I don't know but there might be a way to use heliodor with xfce as well.

reddazz 07-07-2007 03:15 PM

I stand corrected. I have used aquamarine in KDE but thats a while back.

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