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nokangaroo 03-02-2012 06:37 AM

White desktop in Lubuntu Precise with caja file manager
I just installed the beta of Lubuntu 12.04. After installing the caja file manager from the Oneiric ppa (the successor of Nautilus 2 which works perfectly well with LXDE in Ubuntu Natty) the desktop background goes white. I know that nitrogen (the desktop background switcher) works because a piece of the background is visible under the transparent bottom panel, and caja itself also works perfectly well; the problem must lie somewhere in gtk perhaps. I had the same problem in Oneiric with nautilus3. The gconftool=2 ... and pcmanfm --set-wallpaper commands do not work. Is it possible to make the desktop (not the background image) transparent?

Edit: Maybe it helps to give some more description of the wallpaper behaviour: If I select a wallpaper in nitrogen it shows under the panel as I said. If I drag an image to the desktop with the middle mouse button the white screen returns after about a second. If I select an image in nitrogen and THEN middle-drag an image to the desktop the image fills the whole screen but obscures the desktop icons, and after starting caja the white screen returns.

Edit: If I middle-drag the same image to the desktop twice it will stay but it won't scale, and after opening a desktop link to a folder the desktop goes back to white.

Edit: Filed an issue with, and also reported a bug to (but they will probably toss it, as ubuntu-bug complained about the unofficial package).

Edit: Found a neat solution after all. The whiteout problem is solved with the latest version of caja, and a desktop background can be set by copying a selection of correctly-scaled images to /usr/share/caja/patterns. After logging out and back in they can be dragged to the desktop from caja's "backgrounds and emblems" dialog.

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