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Zero Angel 08-02-2012 09:43 PM

Want to create a 'zoom' hotkey for gnome-shell
I'm trying to replicate some of the previous compiz functionality back into gnome-shell, and managed to use xbindkeys+xdotool to switch desktops using my extra mouse buttons.

However now I want to make it so that when you use [super]+[mousewheel] it will zoom in and out like a magnifying glass.

I have tried a python script that purports to allow zooming in and out using [lalt]+[mousewheel], but that one crashes, so I want to use xbindkeys for zooming.

Can anyone tell me if there are console commands that I could use to accomplish zooming so that I can bind those commands to xbindkeys? or if there is an alternate way to accomplish mousewheel zooming?

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